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…Unique in its dedication to releasing music of the rich cultures of Eastern Europe, the Folk Sounds Records catalog offers an excellent diversity of music, representing the depth and breadth of the updated traditional musical landscape. From Hungary to Ukraine, Macedonia to Slovakia, Romania to the United States, Folk Sounds Records offers a truly unique range of music, storytelling, and the ever-present invitation to dance.
   Founded in 1999 by Alexander Fedoriouk, Folk Sounds Records focuses on the musical artists who represent the wide and varied landscapes and traditions of Eastern Europe. Folk Sounds Records catalog offers these exciting releases that represent some of the most talented and eclectic musicians in the world today:  Beata Begeniova, Walt Mahovlich, Catalin Petrescu, Jozef Janice, Brano Brinarsky, Steven Greenman, Andrei Pidkivka, Gheorghe Trambitas, Bogdan Filimon, Nadia Tarnawsky, Kalman Magyar, Brandon Vance, Adam Good, Jeff Fine, Jerry Kisslinger, Jodi Hewat, Matt Moran, Rami al Aassar, Timothy Quigley, Ovidiu Bartes, Adi Neamty, Ovidiu Muntean, Marko Dreher, Paul Morrissett, Vasyl Geker and so many more great artists.
   FSR founder a world-class cimbalom player and composer, Fedoriouk has been a musician from the age of six in his hometown of Kolomyia, Ukraine. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Kiev State Conservatory before venturing to the United States.   Alexander has performed as a soloist with the New York Philharmonic, Cleveland Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, Columbus Symphony Orchestra, Nashville Chamber Orchestra, New York Chamber Ensemble, the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra, Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland State University Orchestra, the Manhattan school of Music Symphony Orchestra, Eletfa and Cheres.  As well as having performed on more than thirty recordings, Alexander is a full time member and featured soloist with the Cleveland-based traditional folk band Harmonia.   Projects include collaborations with luminaries such as Nigel Pulsford of Bush, Erick Friedlander of Topaz. Additionally, Alexander has appeared with legendary jazz flautist Herbie Mann and the Blue Note in Manhattan and at Carnegie Hall with former Velvet Underground member, John Cale.  As well as being hailed as one of the greatest cimbalom players in North America, Fedoriouk is an accomplished percussionist, woodwind player, accordionist, and instrument maker…
   Thank you for visiting the Folk Sounds Records website which offers excursions into the rich tapestry woven from a vibrant musical landscape of Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and so many other countries and ethnic groups like Carpatho-Rusyn, Lemko, Hutsul, Gypsy and Boiky.  FSR a great place to visit and great place to stay…

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“. . .Folk Sounds Records is a record label that contributes to the knowledge of
cultures and traditions which enrich our nation and the world. . .”

– Bob Lorrap

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