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Celtic and Eastern European folk music served shaken, not stirred.  Nadia Tarnawsky has been studying Eastern European singing techniques for nearly two decades with teachers Mariana Sadowska, Lilia Pavlovska, Merita Halili, Maria Bebelekova and Donka Koleva. Brandon Vance is a two-time Open U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion and the youngest player ever to attain the national title at age 14. Brandon has performed with numerous Celtic artists including Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas, Carl Peterson, Maggie’s Fury, and Clumsy Lovers.
The practitioners of the ancient art of alchemy often sought to transform or combine a variety of elements. In a similar manner, the members of the ensemble Alchymeia gather folk song ingredients from various cultures and arrange them in new and fascinating ways. This debut album features folk music from Ukraine, Scotland, Albania, France as well as original compositions.

1. Epitaph of Seikilos/Dinkey’s Reel
2. Drinking Songs
3. Itzikel
4. Ma Belle Evangeline/The Kerfunken Jig/Angeline the Baker
5. Sweet Is the Melody/The Heights of Dargai
6. The Adventures of Isabel/Le Reel du Pendu
7. Two Sisters/Wind and Rain
8. Dy Lule Mas Malit (Red Grape)/J’ai Vu Le Loup (I Saw the Wolf)/
Oh, Mother of Mine
9. Beyond the Mountain
10. Grey Geese/Gaelic Melody
11. Ivan
12. The Draft Notice
13. Rant of the Beast/Farewell to Chornobyl
14. Stirlingshire Militia/Cutting Bracken/Peter Man
15. Fhuair mi nead na gurraguig/Ciamar a ni mi an dansa direach/
The King’s Reel/Frank’s Ree

Nadia Tarnawsky – vocals
Brandon Vance – violin, additional vocals
Brad Hawkins – cello
Steve Rice – accordion, piano
Yusuf Kilgore – guitar
Ahmad Yousefbeigi – percussion


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