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Crossing Paths


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A CD release by cimbalom virtuoso Alexander Fedoriouk and violin extraordinaire Kalman Magyar. Featuring well-known melodies from Eastern Europe and the Balkans, most of the music is based on traditional village folk melodies and motives. Various genres are apparent in the recording – aside from village folk music, jazz, swing, and blues abound. Rather than presenting the folk tunes in their original forms, the artists used the melodies to propel their own improvisational senses, creating a fusion of styles.

A fusion of musical genres, a unique blend of folk instruments, a cross-cultural musical exploration and collaboration by two masters of folk music presenting an improvisation-driven, jazz-like edge to centuries-old melodies.

Alexander Fedoriouk – cimbalom (1-11) darabuka (1,7) drum (2,4,6) accordion (2)
Kalman Magyar – violin (1-11) guitar (1-4,7,8,10) viola (1,3,5-7,9,10) bass (1-11) kontra (3-6,9,11) accordion (4,5) darabuka (8,10)

For Booking and More Information Contact Crossing Paths: 440.263.6891

1. Gypsy Jive
2. Seven Step
3. Trading Aces
4. All JAzzed Up
5. Lamentation
6. Sweeping Strings
7. Vamp Ahead
8. Transitions
9. Hora de Caval
10. Take Nine
11. The Wine of Life


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