Dances of Macedonia and the Balkans

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Adam Good – tambura (1-15) kaval (2,3,10) dumbek (10)
Jeff Fine – kaval (14)
Jerry Kisslinger – tupan (9,12)
Jodi Hewat – vocals (14)
Matt Moran – tupan (1,5,14), dumbek (11)
Rami al Aassar – dumbek (4)
Timothy Quigley – dumbek (3,13), def (13)

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Dances of Macedonia and the Balkans

This CD recorded and produced entirely by Adam Good, a New York based musician (bass player for HARMONIA, guitarist in SIDESHOW) fascinated by Eastern European music and in particular “Izvorno” (folk music) of Macedonia. Eastern melodies accompanied by meditative drones with quirky “odd meter” rhythms. Every track features Adam and special guests on folk instruments playing familiar traditional tunes (Pajdushko, Mashkato, Baba Dzhurdzha, Rajkos, Topansko) and original melodies in rhythms of the region (Beranche, Chochek, Ruchenitsa)

“Exquisite, elaborately elegant album of acoustic folk music.”


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