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Folk Carols of Poland


Poles and Polonia throughout the world have a special, deep-rooted fondness for Christmas, which is evident in the enormous volume and beautiful nature of our Christmas Carols. While we are all familiar with liturgical kolędy like Dzisiaj w Betlejem and Lulajże Jezuniu that we have been listening to and singing since we were children, many outside of Poland are unaware that there exists a whole other realm of Polish Christmas carols!

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1. Witajże Dzieciątko z Panny Narodzone (Welcome the Child Born of a Virgin)
2. Przyskoczę Ja Do Tej Szopy (I’ll Jump for the Lord)
3. Oto Stajenka (Here is the Stable)
4. Nie w Betlejem, Galilei (Not in Bethlehem of Galilee)
5. My Też Pastuszkowie (We the Shepherds)
6. Jakaż To Gwiazda (What a Star)
7. Wesoło Jest Nam Dzisiaj Nowina (We Have Good News Today) .
8. Wstawszy Pasterz Bardzo Rano (The Shepherds Are Awakened)
9. Zapłonęła Gwiazda (The Star Shined)
10. Kiej Maryja Wędrowała (Mary Wandered Afar)
11. Szczęśliwa Kolebko (Happy is the Cradle)
12. I My Też Przychodzim Ubodzy Ludzie (We the Poor Also Worship)
13. Nie Masz Ci, Nie Masz (The Star Leads Me)
14. Nowy Rok Bieży (The New Year Rushes)

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