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Harmonia Hidden Legacy




Drive down the right street in a metropolis like Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Chicago and you’re likely to miss it. But stop in front of a simple hall or church, suddenly you’re in another, unexpectedly rich world, a party that transports you to a village in rural Ukraine, a café in Croatia, or a black-tie ball in 1930’s Budapest.
The chain of events triggered by the fall of the Berlin Wall produced a new wave of immigrants from Eastern Europe in the 1990’s. Accomplished traditional musicians also joined this migration. These newcomers renewed the links to the wellsprings of the tradition, breathing new life into an already rich culture, and ensuring that the music and dance would continue for generations to come.
    Harmonia is part of this tradition, and has long savored our connections to the overlooked pleasures and celebrations of immigrant and heritage communities in the U.S. uniting the old and new immigrations, Harmonia brings this world to the stage.

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Folk & Gypsy Music from Eastern Europe

1. Romanian Ritual Dances – Calusari /Briul Pe Opt
2. In the High Pasture – Oj na Plaju
3. Ukrainian Polka
4. Songs from Vojvodina – Ciganka Sam Mala/Evo Banke, Cigane Moj
5. Hora from Bucovina – Hora din Bucovina
6. Slovak Shepherd’s Song – Ej, Horou, Horou
7. Seven Step Hora – Hora Sapte Scari
8. The Mother’s Lament – Cantec de Jale
9. Moldavian Stomp – Batuta Fluier
10. Roads of the Roma – Djelem, Djelem
11. Sunrise Song from Transylvania –  Hajnali
12. Hungarian Dances from Transylvania –  Kalotaszegi Tancok
13. Forgive Me, Mother – Chodit’ Hanja, Chodit’
14. Hungarian Suite in Gypsy Style –  Nótacsokor
15. Ukrainian Mountain Music –  Verkhovyno/Kolomyjky


Producer: Alexander Fedoriouk
Assistant Engineers: Zenon Chaikovsky, Mark Kmit
Mixing: Alexander Fedoriouk , Brano Brinarsky, Oleh Mahlay,
Beata Begeniova, Steven Greenman, Andrei Pidkivka
Mastering Engineer: Paul Hamann
Photography: Jeff Machtig, Izrail Niazov, Alexander Fedoriouk
Liner Notes: Walt Mahovlich
Translations: Walt Mahovlich, Beata Begeniova, Brano Brinarsky, Alexander Fedoriouk
Cover Art, Graphic Design & Layout: Alexander Fedoriouk
Released by: Folk Sounds Records

Recorded and Mixed at FSR Productions Recording Studio, Seven Hills, OH USA
Mastering at SUMA Recording Studio, Painesville, OH USA


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