1. Čertovo remeslo / Devil’s craft (Považie Region)
2. A do berda / Berdo song (Carpatho-Rusyn)
3. Ach Bože moj , Bože / Oh dear Lord (Spiš)
4. Dzivče počarovne / Charming girl (Šariš)
5. Chodi richtar po dedine / The mayor’s strolling down the village  (Trenčin)
6. V komori na ladi / In the pantry on the wooden chest   (Carpatho-Rusyn)
7. Ked jem išov / As I went  (Carpatho-Rusyn)
8. A … na fogáš / Fogáš dance (Zemplin)
9. Chodila dievčina / A wandering girl (Ponitrie)
10. Vysoko lieta sláviček / Up high flies the nightingale (Myjava)
11. Hore Strážu / Up the Stráž hill (Považie)
12. Nerečuj ty paradnico / Don’t talk back, belle (Spiš)
13. Pošij mi Janičku / Plant the seeds Janik (Carpatho-Rusyn)
14. Kumove / Merry Godfathers’ song (Carpatho-Rusyn)
15. Bašav mange, bašav  / Play for me, Gypsy

The album, filled with high energy dance tunes, folks sounds, and stories maps the landscape of the various regions of Slovakia from where these tunes and the musicians themselves have traveled.  And this group brings a little something extra to the party, building a wild tapestry from the varied and delightful regions of their homeland.

From the very first strains, the title track “Devils Craft” from the Povazie region, listeners will know they are hearing something new; a fun and daring contemporary take on revered traditional folk favorites. Throughout the listener’s journey, the album’s takes us on a tour around the countryside, through the towns and villages with all the charm and nuance woven into what is modern-day Slovakia.



Jana Beňušová – 1. Violin
Andrea Levrinc Valčuha – 2. Violin
Mária Lazurová – vocals
Maroš Kočerha – cimbalom
Michal Salák accordion, vocals
Vladimir Kysucký – viola
Štefan Valčuha – viola
Branislav Briňarsky – double bass, vocals

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Although the band’s name Pajtasi, translates loosely as “musicians,” this term is far too general to adequately describe this multi-talented richly woven ensemble. Featuring a traditional line-up of violins, double bass, cimbalom, accordion, cello, percussion, clarinet, and the fluid and harmonious multi-talented vocalists, the energy and skill each of these musicians bring to their latest recording invites the listener to a feast of traditional delicacies from around Slovakia.


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