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Voice of the Taragot • Gheorghe Trambitas



A Romanian Taragot player born and raised in the heart of Transylvania, Gheorghe Trambitas is one of the foremost exponents of the instrument. By the time he was in his teens Gheorghe and his brother were leading one of the hottest wedding bands in Transylvania. Playing every weekend – with weddings lasting until 6 AM the next morning, and continuing for three or four days – gave Gheorghe a chance to seriously hone his skills. At the same time, Gheorghe was performing on stage and receiving prestigious awards in folk music competitions in Romania and elsewhere in Europe. In 1990, as the old regime in Romania was crumbling, Gheorghe came to the United States where he has continued his performing career to much acclaim.

On Voice of the Taragot Gheorghe collaborated with one of the finest folk orchestras in Romania. The superb arrangements and direction of Ovidiu Bartesm allows the soul of Gheorghe’s music to be heard as it was meant to be.

Voice of the Taragot • Gheorghe Trambitas

Folk orchestra directed by Ovidiu Bartes

1. De doi din Maciova 2:09
2. De pe Salaj 1:47
3. Batranesc din Grosii Baii Mari 2:37
4. Tropotita 2:02
5. Doina de la Tebea 3:32
6. Din Padureni 2:37
7. Rara de la Rupea 2:58
8. De la Caransebes 4:17
9. Invirtite din Tara Fagarasului 3:52
10. De doi din Dalci 3:02
11. Romanta (Rita) 2:44
12. Jiana 2:49
13. Hategana 1:32
14. Ca-n-Banat 8:49


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